James Randolph Hocker

E-mail: jrhocker@icnet.net

Current Employment : University of Oklahoma Health Science Center

Research Tech.

Hanas Lab: University of Oklahoma Health Science Center

Focus of work: DNA preparation and Modification.



BA (Biology): Oklahoma City University, 1992.

MS (Botany): The University of Oklahoma, 1997.

Master thesis title: "Discovery of Nematicidal Compounds: Development of a Model Biological Assay System."


Graduate Teaching Assistant

University of Oklahoma, Department of Botany-Microbiology, 770 Van Vleet Oval Norman, Ok 73019.

Fall 1998 (Laboratory Preparation), Summer 1998 (Laboratory Preparation), Spring, 1998 (Ecology) and Fall, 1997 (Nematology).

Adjunct Faculty

Oklahoma City University: (Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy laboratory Instructor and Environmental Science Laboratory Instructor) August, 1993 to December, 1993.


Visiting Instructor

Oklahoma City University:


Consultan:t Oklahoma Students Prairies to Peaks Summer Academy: May 2001

Oklahoma Students Prairies to Peaks Summer Academy and Oklahoma Teachers Prairies to Peaks Summer Academy: July, 2000, June, July & August, 1996; June & July, 1995; June & July, 1994; June, July & August 1993 and June, July & August 1992.

Natural History of Belize, February, 1994 and

Natural History of Hawaii, June & July 1994.

Mountain Ecology at the Alpine Learning Center, Granby, Colorado, August of 1994, 1995 & 1996

Managerial Experience:

Senior Lab Tech.  Managing 2-5 students or lab personnel: Hanas Lab (current)

Night Manager, Kaleidoscope Video (September 1982 to September 1994).


Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopy; Microbiological-Animal and Plant Culture; Proficiency in IBM/ DOS and Macintosh computer systems, Microsoft Office software & Basic Internet programming; Experience in B&W and Color Photographic techniques and Knowledge of the Ecological systems found in Belize, Oklahoma Hawaii and Colorado.



Strasia, L.L., Nwosu, E.C., Hocker, J.R., and Hanas, J.S. (2001)  Chromium III   aggregates DNA and inhibits protein-DNA interactions.  Merck Pharmacy Student Research Conference, Western Region, University of Colorado Health Sciences  Center, Denver, CO, June 1-2, 2001.


Hanas, J.S., Lerner, M.R., Rodgers, J., Hocker, J., Lightfoot, S.A., and Brackett, D.J. (2000)  Structural and Functional Changes in Proteins, Genes, and Cells Induced by Lead (II) Ions.  Congress of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry, University of York, United Kingdom, Proceedings of the Royal Microscopic Society, p.117.

Nwosu, E.C., Hocker, J.R., Rodgers, J., Cheng, Y.-G., and Hanas, J.S. (2000) Mercuric ion inhibition of DNA-binding mechanism of Cys2His2 zinc finger proteins.  Merck Pharmacy Student Research Conference, Western Region, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver, CO, June 3-4, 2000.


The Society of Nematologists Annual Meeting 1998:

(Poster Session) Identification of Proteins with Nematicidal Acitivity Using an Axenic Chemically-Defined Nutrient Media (June 22, 1998)

National Science Teachers Association Conference:

(Lecture/Discussion) Concepts in Natural Science for Non-Science Education 1993

(Lecture/Discussion) Prairies to Peaks Summer Academy 1994

(Lecture/Discussion) Prairies to Peaks Summer Academy 1995

Oklahoma Science Teachers Association Conference:

(Lecture/Discussion) Prairies to Peaks Summer Academy 1994

(Lecture/Discussion) Prairies to Peaks Summer Academy 1994


National Science Teachers Association, Oklahoma Science Teachers Association, Society of Nematologists and Botanical Society of America, Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society (Alpha Chapter)



Preparation of Solutions [Stock solutions, Culture media, Competent cells, PCR Reactions, Agarose Gels,

Microscopy [Fluorescence, Transmission Electron, Scanning Electron, Light ]

Microscopy Techniques [Basic Microbiological Staining, Specimen Preperation, Dehydration and Embedding {Spurr’s resin, Technovitt- 9100, Epon-812, Osmium embedding for SEM}, Thick and Thin sectioning, Preparation of formvar coated grids, Staining of Thin and Thick sections, Uranyl Acetate- lead Citrate, Eosin Phalloidin

Spectrometric Assays [Bradford protein content, Trypsin activity]

Mass Spectrometry:  Marner (applied Biosystems) nanospray experience

Photographic techniques [B&W developing and printing, Presentation Slides using PowerPoint and a Computerized Color Pallet, B&W positive slides

Management Skills [Trouble shooting, Conflict resolution, Customer service, Problem solving, Scheduling, Cataloging and Data Management, Facilitator]

Educational Instruction [Preparation of instructional outline and methods, Preparation of classroom materials, Field and trail guide, Lecturer, Laboratory instructor, Test and Quiz preparation]

Computer Experience [Instillation of software, Instillation of hardware, Trouble shoot problems, Basic computer and Internet programming, Competent with Macintosh, DOS, Windows 3.xx and Windows 95 based computers, Competent using Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Mail and Outlook), First Choice, Quicken, and Internet software (Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer), Limited experience Corel Draw, Paint Shop Pro, Word Perfect for DOS and Windows, Claris Works, Quattro Pro (Win and DOS) and Harvard Graphics




Dr. Sheila Strawn Ph.D.

9624 N.E. 4th Street

Midwest City, OK 73130


Dr. Brian Akers

Visiting Asst. Professor

University of Oklahoma

Botany / Microbiology

770 Van Vleet Oval

Norman, OK 73019-6130

E-mail: akersbp@hotmail.com

Dr. Susan Barber Ph.D.

Professor and Chairperson

Department of Biology

Oklahoma City University

2501 N. Blackwelder

Oklahoma City, OK 73106-1493

Phone: (405) 521-5256

Fax: (405) 521-5468

E-mail: sbarber@frodo.okcu.edu

Don and Peggy Pierce

Kaleidoscope Video Shops

3420 N. MacArthur

OKC, OK 73122

6932 Woodlake

Warr Acres , OK 73132

Home: (405)-721-6714

Work: (405)-947-6234

Dr. Scott Russell Ph.D.

Botany / Microbiology

770 Van Vleet Oval

Norman, OK 73019-6130


E-mail: srussell@ou.edu

Dr. Linda L. Wallace

Botany / Microbiology

770 Van Vleet Oval

Norman, OK 73019-6130


E-mail: lwallace@ou.edu


James Randolph Hocker

Day Phone: (405)-627-6038

E-mail: jrhocker@icnet.net

Attention: Personnel


RE: Employment in a laboratory position

            I am applying for an employment position in a laboratory. I have previous laboratory experience gained while obtaining my Bachelors and Master's Degree in biological science. I have a variety of skills and abilities that should qualify me for a position ranging from laboratory technician, laboratory specialist to laboratory researcher. I am also able to effectively use MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and other computer programs. Although much of my experience in laboratory work has been gained in the educational setting, I am able apply my knowledge and abilities to a variety of settings. I believe I can offer services as a reliable, useful and efficient member within a laboratory.

Please feel free to contact me by telephone or e-mail should you have any further questions concerning my abilities or background.


Thank you, for your consideration.

James Randolph Hocker